Psychologists and Social Workers

Psychologist and Social Worker Resources

Have an update or addition to a resources below? Please contact Michael Grenda, School Psychologist Supervisor at the the L.E.A.S.E. office.  Resources are provided for informational purposes for providers and do not reflect endorsement by the cooperative or member districts.

  • Community Mental Health Providers updated 1/14/2019
  • Community Mental Health Releases updated 1/15/2019

Roundtable Meetings 11/19/2019

  • Agenda and Notes
  • Headspace for Educators
  • Acquire, Retain, Generalize - Intervention Framework
  • Example Tier-II Problem Solving Questionnaire
  • Tier II Intervention Intensity Chart (Reading and Math)

Roundtable Meetings 9/20/2019 & 10/3/2019

Roundtable Meetings 3/21/2019

Rountable Meetings 1/16/2019

Roundtable Meetings 11/27/2018