Preschool Screening Team

The La Salle/Putnam County Preschool Team, located in the L.E.A.S.E. Office, assists local education agencies and districts by conducting Child Find activities.  The Preschool Team consists of two early childhood diagnosticians, one speech/language pathologist and one contracted hearing/vision technician.  During a screening, various skills are briefly assessed.  These include fine motor, readiness/cognition, gross motor, speech/language, hearing and vision.  Preschool Team Members are:

Michelle Pangrcic, Early Childhood Teacher and Diagnostician

Pam Carretto, Early Childhood Teacher and Diagnostician

Julie O'Brien-Smith, Speech/Language Pathologist and Coordinator (Assists as Needed)

Molly Kasperski, Speech/Language Pathologist

LuAnn Winterrowd, Hearing and Vision Technician

Jean Gula, Secretary

While a large percentage of children pass the initial screening, some may have difficulty.  If this is the case, the child may be referred for further testing.