Staff Directory


Mary Jane Chapman, Executive Director

  • Oversees Operations of Cooperative
  • Prepares and Monitors Budget
  • Works with L.E.A.S.E. Governing Boards
  • L.E.A.S.E. Representative to Human Service Agencies


  • Supervises Circuit Breaker School
  • Pupil/Personnel Reimbursement
  • Oversees IDEA Grants


Sarah Monroe, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • Earlville Community Unit
  • Marseilles Elementary
  • Wallace Grade School
  • Rutland Grade School
  • Leland

Stephanie Huffman, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • Allen/Otter Creek
  • Grand Ridge Grade School
  • Peru Public Schools
  • Walthm
  • Milton Pope
  • Mendota High School

Kathryn Fox, Cross Categorical Coordinator and Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

  • Dimmick Grade School
  • Ottawa Elementary Schools

Paige Johnson, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • Community Unit District 2
  • Mendota Elementary
  • Lostant Grade School

Janelle Gustafson, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • La Salle-Peru Township High School
  • Ottawa Township High School
  • Seneca Grade School
  • Seneca Township High School

Nicole Butt, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • Streator Elementary School
  • Streator High School
  • Deer Park

Susan McNelis, Cross Categorical Coordinator

  • LaSalle Elementary School
  • Oglesby Elementary
  • Tonica Grade School
  • Putnam County Schools

Pre-School Screening Team

  • Michelle Pangrcic, Diagnostician
  • Molly Kasperski, Speech and Language Diagnostician
  • LuAnn Winterrowd, Hearing/Vision Technician

Julie O'Brien-Smith, Speech Language Coordinator and Pre-School Speech and Language Diagnostician


Mike Grenda, School Psychologist

Pat Hall, Visually Impaired Coordinator  

Julie Kirkpatrick, L.E.A.S.E. Audiologist

Support Staff    
  • Jennifer Adkins, Child Count/Personnel, Medicaid Secretary, and Records Custodian
  • Darci Aubry, Receptionist, Secretary to Susan McNelis and Paige Johnson
  • Hallie DeFore, Secretary to Kathryn Fox, Julie O'Brien-Smith and Mike Grenda
  • Jean Gula, Secretary to Julie Kirkpatrick and Pre-School Screening Team
  • Marie McLaughlin, IT Coordinator
  • Kathy Parzgnat, Bookkeeper
  • Julie Moore, Secretary to Sarah Monroe, Stephanie Huffman, Nicole Butt and Janelle Gustafson, LEASE Library Manager
  • Colleen Stefan, Secretary to Executive Director